I've been photographing life, love and everything in between for years now. Photography was always my hobby and I knew I'd be the friend with the camera yelling "WAIT, I NEED A PIC". Sure enough, here I am. 

Photography is art and it's the type of career where you find yourself thinking back on what made you so passionate about capturing people's love in the first place. It's always reminding me I can take any moment and look back on it when I find myself wanting to feel nostalgic or I'm really missing that moment in time.

You know that saying where it goes "if you're doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" That's exactly how I feel, this hardly feels like a job but more like the life I have always dreamt of. 

At the end of the day my goal is to create the absolute BEST client experience for you while also documenting those big, and of course the small moments of your new journey. Your experience is something I find to be one of the most important parts of our adventure together. You are allowing me to be there during a special moment in your life and allowing me to see the most vulnerable parts of you and your person's relationship together. My goal is to document heartfelt photos that are authentically you.

I am so grateful you are here. 

Meet your Maine based elopement + wedding photographer

hey friends

Meet adrianna

Outdoor enthusiast, friend, artist.

i've grown up in this gorgeous state.

Growing up in Maine and only about an hour from Acadia, it has led me to explore this park many times. I have hiked the trails, camped out in the woods, discovered the most amazing caves within the rocks, and eaten some of the best foods there too! 

I find much peace and happiness when surrounded by a stunning landscape- places that make you feel small yet exhilarated. I hope to show you the heart of Maine and everything this beautiful park has to offer!

Your photos are so important, but making sure the experience is all the things you hoped and dreamed for is so much more. We aren't here to simply capture you in a gorgeous landscape or pretty pose. It's about helping you connect with the love of your life and documenting who you ARE and how you FEEL in the moment. That is what I do as your photographer. 

I document photographs that transport you back in time and help you relive your memories and revisit how you felt at that exact moment!

I'm not just your photographer - I want to be you new adventure buddy and friend - first. Photographer - second.

Making your experience feel like you

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Wedding and elopement photographer based in maine

Authentic and ETHEREAL

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